NEU provides its telecommunication, utility, enterprise and government customers an outstanding foundation for execution of their network initiatives, including:
We support our clients’ needs throughout the lifecycle of their networks, from planning through decommissioning. Whether our clients want to utilize us as a turnkey partner or for as-needed subject matter expertise, we offer a one-stop shop for all their network implementation requirements.
Our business unit and team leaders have decades of experience galvanizing teams and meeting schedule, cost, quality and safety objectives, and they continue to do so by leveraging our investments in state of the art project management training, systems and best practices.
Our large internal team of dedicated professionals working from existing regional facilities is supported by our impressive collection of pre-qualified, top-tier subcontractors. Licensed to do business in all 50 states, we stand ready to take on major projects.
We’ve been meeting our clients’ demands for error-free service since our founding, and we’ve gained formal recognition of our dedication to quality with company-wide Passport and Comtrain certification.
By insisting on protecting the health and well-being of our team and the people around us, we’re not only doing the right thing, we’re also safeguarding project schedules and costs.
NEU has created a stringent framework to manage customer inventory, spares and warranty returns.
Through years of consistent growth under prudent management, we’ve developed one of the healthiest balance sheets in the business. We have the internal financial resources, and access to external capital, needed to launch and sustain large network initiatives.
Our WBE certification and our commitment to partner with other diverse suppliers enhances the overall value we offer our customers.