NEU is widely known as one of the leading telecommunication and data network services companies in the eastern United States. Founded in Philadelphia in 2004, we provide a comprehensive suite of network planning and implementation services to telecommunication, utility and enterprise customers in both the commercial and government sectors.

The NEU Way
Early in our lifecycle, we adopted a mission statement and set of core principles designed to ensure the alignment and commitment of our team members to our most vital business priorities. “The NEU Way”, as our mission and principles are known, is the foundation upon which we have achieved best in class quality, on-time delivery, customer satisfaction and growth metrics.
Our goal is to become a leading national provider of internal network infrastructure services for Internet and telecommunications service providers.
Our success is achieved through expertise, which yields industry leading quality, on-time performance, and value-added services.
Our people and work processes are the best in the industry.


Quality – “The NEU Touch” and our most important responsibility.
Customer Service – We do whatever it takes to be our customers’ best.
Teamwork – The norm and we treat each other as a team.
Personal Accountability – Leads to growth and opportunity at NEU.
Management Team
Our management team is representative of the expertise, leadership and diversity we offer our customers. Key management team members include:
Konstantin Sinkevich
Max Smouzh
Vice President