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Founded in 2004, Northeast Union Inc. (NEU) is a world-class provider of a wide variety of data and telecommunications project implementation; specializing in 4G LTE upgrades, microwave and antenna services. Our impressive team of experienced, dedicated industry professionals. Has prospered as a provider of services to a heavily regulated telecommunications industry. We have invested heavily in a powerful combination of top management talent, quality business processes and robust company infrastructure.

Thanks to our philosophies and the organization we have built, we are a trusted partner to a wide variety of network operators, equipment manufacturers, enterprise clients and government entities, and a provider of quality services throughout the lifecycle of communications and data networks.

NEU Solutions

NEU offers a foundation for execution of network initiatives that even larger firms can’t match.

“The quality and effectiveness of your crews far exceeded any companies we have contracted in the past. Your team are the BEST. We received the Quality Assurance Acceptance Group completion notice. THANK YOU for a JOB WELL DONE to the BEST Team ever!”